First Outlook on the Harvest 2016 in Champagne

Frost and hail in the spring, then a lot of rain, which promoted especially the mildew: Just six weeks ago a massive crop failure became apparent.

In some crus in the Aube growers will harvest only 2,000 kilograms per hectare, all in all, the growers expect average yield of 7,000 to 7,500 kilograms of grapes per hectare. In 2015 there were over 10,000 kilos. 

Nevertheless one assumes that the quality is high. Some optimists compare 2016 even with the excellent vintage of 2002.

The photo shows an area infected by mildew from the vineyards of Champagne Bollinger.

Normally, the fungi attacks the leaves. That the parasites now also attack the sticks is a new development he has never seen before, commented Bollinger’S chef de cave Gilles Descotes.  

Anyway, harvest starts on Saturday, September 10th.

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