Champagne Jérôme Prévost La Closerie Les Béguines LC10 + Otto Warburg = Empty Bottle

With this champagne anyone who meditates on this quote perfects the original sin. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Physics brings the ferment bands into existence but organic chemistry is necessary for the identification or creation of these bands. As Anson and Mirsky have said, the procedure is similar to the spectroscopic analysis of the stars. Indeed, the ferment substance - though being so near to us - is, like the substance of the stars, inaccessible for us.

From The Oxygen-Transferring Ferment of Respiration, Nobel Lectures 1931
Otto Warburg (1883–1970) German physiologist

Jérôme Prévost' La Closerie Les Béguines LC10 s based on the vintage 2010, grape variety  94 % Meunier, spontaneous fermentation - definitely a fresh highlight for a Meunier based Champagne of this age.

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