Rollin Soles, founder of Oregon’s Argyle Winery in the Willamatte Valley, and Nate Klostermann on their wine philosophy in SuperSparkle, the New Series

In Champagne I recently received a tip from a well-known winemaker for a must to drink wine: Sparkling wine  from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, there specifically the wines from Rollins Soles and Argyle Winery.

Oregon is now famous for its Pinot Noirs, why not sparkling wine too? These are structured, have a refined acidity and are, as in Argyle for example, mainly composed of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They have also an astonishing capacity for aging - see the video.

The Willamatte Valley extends from Portland from the south over an area of ​​over 200 kilometers. Essential: The Willamette Valley presents a region in the northern hemisphere in which Pinot noir feels at home. Driving from Portland to Seattle, one passes the northernmost border of viticulture.

His passion for Oregon,

As a graduate of the University of Davis, Rollin Soles began in the early sixties of the last century to cultivate His passion for Oregon. At that time there were practically no vines there. But the Willamette Valley aroused the interest of freaks, investors and oenologists: The influence of the Pacific provides mild and rainy winters, while the summers are  usually rather cool. On the Pacific coast, there are places where the Mediterranean climate prevails throughout the year. Significant: During the growing season of the vine practically no rain falls.

At some point Rolin Soles had the idea to make sparkling wine here. He knew the Champagne, a region that is also on the northern border of viticulture. In 1987, he founded Argyle, a name that now commands respect in the Sparkles world.

In addition, Soles and his wife have launched the family project Roco Winery.

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