Guillaume Roffiaen, Chef de Caves Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, on the oppositional harvests 2017 and 2018

Guillaume Roffiaen is an oenologist who has to know his profession and his immense terroir: As Chef de Caves of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte he has access to wines form 4,500 hectare.

He is not only  is responsible for the wines of Nicolas Feuilatte; Roffiaen also produces champagne for the members of the Cooperative Center Vinicole de la Champagne at Chouilly, along with its winemaking team.

These members are scattered throughout the wine-growing region; the oenologist therefore have access to a wide range of base wines. To assemble their assemblages, they can count on eleven Grand Crus (out of 17), 26 of 42 Premier Crus and 145 of the 260 remaining Crus.

Roffiaen has been with Feuilatte since 2014, previously working for Champagne Drappier for twelve years in Urville, Côte des Bar.


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