Champagne, Ratafia, New Holland: Excitement about a Harvester in Marfaux

The use of harvesting machines is prohibited in the Champagne appellation. Harvesting is always done by hand. Admittedly, Moët & Chandon wanted to carry out a test with harvesters on two hectares of vineyards for the 2016 harvest, but this was cancelled at the last second. Nevertheless, this year a machine was spotted near Marfaux. As the quick journal L'Union now reported, it was a winemaker who wanted to produce with these grapes Ratafia without indication géographique. Ratafia is an aperitif that is now rarely drunk in Champagne: it is made from must to which ninety percent brandy is added. This prevents fermentation. Afterwards 15 months barrel storage, mostly over 150 grams of sugar, alcohol content at 18 percent.

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